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You're the One risen Son

You're the One, Risen Son
Not abandoned to the grave
No, You live on high evermore
You have won, overcome
All the powers of death and hell
And You reign on high, over all

I was spiritually dead
Destined for hell
To be judged for my sin
But You made me alive
Put life in my heart
Forgave me and gave me
Forever with You!

Crucified for my sin
Handed over to death
Became sin for me
But on the third day
You rose from the grave
Providing me life,
Forgiveness and peace

Your law was opposed to me,
Upholding my guilt, it was convicting me
But You cancelled the record of all of my sin
You died on the cross and now I go free!

You're the One risen Son

Forth track from my Journey project. All praise to our risen Saviour, the One who died, rose again and brought us salvation. He died, He rose, He conquered death, saved me from hell, forgave my sin and He gave me life.

Bible inspiration

Acts 2:24, Hebrews 2: 14-15
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Faith is a journey. Faith in Christ is a walk with God that takes the believer along many different roads. A call to start the journey through the message of the Gospel, a response of faith in the One who died on the cross. A journey of joy, love, peace, but at times suffering and trials. Battles with sin and Satan, but always grace to keep us strong and to bring us to our Journey's end; to be with the One who called us to start walking in faith.

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Published: 18th July 2009
Songs from a broken heart