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Just like He said

Just like He said, we will have trouble in this life.
If the Master suffered, the student too
When we go through trials He stands with us
As He went through trials too.
When we suffer He knows what it is like,
For he has suffered too

Chorus: So we fix our eyes on the Author
And Perfecter of our faith
We fix our eyes on Him who suffered,
Yet patiently endured So we fix our eyes on the Author
And Perfecter of our faith
We fix our thoughts on Him who’s faithful,
And gives us grace to stand

When we suffer He sees and He understands
Our sovereign God He uses it for our good
In His suffering as He was made perfect;
We are made to share in his holiness
And we’re made ready for our eternal home
Eternity of rest

Bridge: So, run – the race marked out for us
Hold on – patiently endure
Throw off – all that holds you back
Be strong – He’ll keep you till the end

On the cross, the God of the universe
Cleared my guilt and secured my eternal home
And on the cross, the God who had become flesh
Knew pain and suffering
That humble King now risen, and glorified
Knows my grief and stands by my side

Just like He said

This is the first of two songs about suffering, a very real part of the journey. Something however that God uses in our lives for his glory and for our eternal good. One major comfort in our suffering is that the Lord Jesus walked the same road. He suffered. We also will suffer. That is actually one of His promises! (see Matthew 10: 24-25) When we suffer he knows our pain and we find Him to be a real comfort as we fix our eyes and thoughts on Him.

Bible inspiration

Hebrews 12: 1-6
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Faith is a journey. Faith in Christ is a walk with God that takes the believer along many different roads. A call to start the journey through the message of the Gospel, a response of faith in the One who died on the cross. A journey of joy, love, peace, but at times suffering and trials. Battles with sin and Satan, but always grace to keep us strong and to bring us to our Journey's end; to be with the One who called us to start walking in faith.

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Published: 15th April 2010
Songs from a broken heart