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Lord, take my pride
Faults and lies
Purify my heart I pray
Heal my heart
Move my will
Rid me from my evil ways

Take my hand
Lead me safely by Your side
Take my life
Guide me in Your precious ways
Take my lips
May I always sing Your praise
Take my all!

Take all that's dark
Drive out the night
Take my wickedness and sin
Purge the dross,
And all that's ugly in Your sight

You're my light
Shining brightly in the night
You're my hope
For I know the One I trust
You're my joy
Even through the darkest storm
You're my all!

Be the One I long to serve and love
Be the One I seek to please above all
Be more precious than all that I own in this world
Be my Lord, King Jesus be my all!


One might argue that this song is a bit intense. Well, in 'Take' I've tried to capture something of the struggle with sin that is the experience of everyone on the journey of true faith in Christ. Our walk is after all with One who is pure and holy above all, it is only right that those who know Him should seek holiness themselves.

Paradoxically, in the Christian walk, a deep longing and struggle for holiness is right at home with a peace and trust that comes from knowing Christ Himself. The verse and chorus of this song seek to convey those two aspects of our faith. So an intense prayer to 'drive out the night', is perfectly at home with 'You're my hope for I know the One I trust'.

May the Lord Jesus himself help and inspire us all to walk in holiness before God as we trust completely in Him.

Bible inspiration

Psalm 139: 23-24, 2 Corinthians 12:8
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Faith is a journey. Faith in Christ is a walk with God that takes the believer along many different roads. A call to start the journey through the message of the Gospel, a response of faith in the One who died on the cross. A journey of joy, love, peace, but at times suffering and trials. Battles with sin and Satan, but always grace to keep us strong and to bring us to our Journey's end; to be with the One who called us to start walking in faith.

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Published: 2nd January 2010
Songs from a broken heart