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Counted as one who is clean (folk mix)

Unclean, Unclean! I've nothing to give,
To You, all is warped and defiled!
The best of my works, a filthy old rag,
My greatest, an offence to You.

But He came, He came, the One without sin,
Pure, spotless all holy and clean.
He never fell short of Your righteous desire,
Always pleased You and kept your commands.

He who had no sin became sin for me,
That I might become one righteous to God
And counted as one who is clean

Through His own death I am healed
That I might now live as one righteous for God
And offer a life that is clean

We've sinned, we've sinned, there's not even one
Who's known You or sought after You
The core of our being rebellious to You
Unable to do one thing good

But the Son, Your Son, committed no wrong
No deceit was found in His mouth
A perfect example of a life full of faith
Without blemish and never at fault

Counted as one who is clean (folk mix)

This is a re-mix of "Counted as one who is clean" originally release ealier in 2009.

Thanks to Yannick Leroy for playing the recorder and helping get a good mix. Original version can be found here

Bible inspiration

2 Corinthians 5:21, Romans 3: 9-18
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Faith is a journey. Faith in Christ is a walk with God that takes the believer along many different roads. A call to start the journey through the message of the Gospel, a response of faith in the One who died on the cross. A journey of joy, love, peace, but at times suffering and trials. Battles with sin and Satan, but always grace to keep us strong and to bring us to our Journey's end; to be with the One who called us to start walking in faith.

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Published: 5th June 2010
Songs from a broken heart