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You alone are worthy

You alone are worthy Lord
To receive my highest praise
You alone deserve my all
I lay my crown before Your throne

Faithful witness of God's love
Ruler of all kings on earth
The only way the truth and life
The One who calls to love and serve

I sing praises to Your name
The one who died and rose again
I offer worship to the Lamb
The one who triumphed over death

Eternal Son who was and is
You'll never change; You'll always be
The First, the Last the Living One
Almighty God and Lord of All

Provider of amazing grace
The giver of a perfect peace
I lift my prayers up to Your throne
Your mercy rains down from above.

Your praise will never end,
Your glory never fade,
You bought me with your blood
You saved me from the grave

You alone are worthy

As the journey progresses, no matter how hard the struggles and trials, the love of the Christian for Jesus Christ continues to grow. As Peter says, "though we have not seen Him, we love him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy". Along with that love it is perfectly natural that praise for him might also grow too.

When we think of what he has done for us how can we not give Him our highest praise? Dying on the cross and rising from the dead to give us who believe in Him life beyond the grave, forgiving us time and time again and showing us mercy every day. Only He is worthy to receive our highest praise!

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Faith is a journey. Faith in Christ is a walk with God that takes the believer along many different roads. A call to start the journey through the message of the Gospel, a response of faith in the One who died on the cross. A journey of joy, love, peace, but at times suffering and trials. Battles with sin and Satan, but always grace to keep us strong and to bring us to our Journey's end; to be with the One who called us to start walking in faith.

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Published: 18th February 2010
Songs from a broken heart