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yodh: In faithfulness You've afflicted me

In faithfulness You've afflicted me
And brought me to my knees
In love You've brought me suffering
Let hardships come to me
It's good You did not leave me
To live a life of sin
But You have redeemed me
Ransomed my soul
Refined me deep within

Ch: Faithful in love
Faithful above
A heart of thanks
I'm more like Christ
In faithfulness You've afflicted me

In faithfulness You've afflicted me
And broken this heart of stone
In love you have confronted me
And turned my life around
By grace Your word brought life to me
Your word worth more than gold
In goodness you've adopted me
And disciplined me as your child

In faithfulness you've afflicted me
But given grace to stand
In love you've given strength to me
That I might overcome
As others see your faithfulness
And goodness in my life
May they be encouraged to fear you more
Our faithful Father God

yodh: In faithfulness You've afflicted me

We follow a Christ who suffered. As a core part of the Christian life is to be made into the image of Jesus, it should not surprise us when we suffer and go though hardships. The amazing thing is that these hardships result in making us more like Jesus in many other ways too. But it is not just in our own lives, others too are encouraged to fear God and follow more faithfully when they see us faithfully persevere under trial.

Bible inspiration

Psalm 119: 73-80, 1 Peter 1: 3-12, 1 Peter 1: 21, 2 Corinthians 4: 17
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Walking the way of word of the God who saves is the longing and passion of the Christian believer. Yet life is hard, we struggle with sin and there are those who oppose. "119" explores the longest Psalm, Psalm 119, and seeks to help us get its various themes into our heart that our love for the Lord Jesus might grow and we might be more and more faithful to Him.

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Published: 23rd April 2014
Songs from a broken heart