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daleth: To run the path of Your commands

At times I find I'm laid low in the dust
I can't seem to find a joy
Even though You're clearly working in my life
And I've a thousand things to praise You for
Other times I find it hard battling with sin
And standing up against the lies
That come at me from those who stand opposed
Against all that is found in You


God of the Word
I come before Your throne
You're the One who set me free
You strengthen me in the struggles of my life
To run the path of Your commands

It's times like these that I come before Your throne
And pour out my heart to You
I open up Your word and find the strength to meditate
On all that You have done for me
It is Your word that lifts me up when I'm laid down low
And Your grace it makes me praise Your name
You strengthen me with Your promises in Christ
And help me understand Your ways

Oh God on high, my everything, my life
You give me strength to live for You

daleth: To run the path of Your commands

When we are discouraged and laid low it is the God of the Bible who through His word strengthens and encourages us to walk victoriously in his ways. He keeps us, teaches us, strengthens us, and empowers us to walk in the way of his word... It is He who strengthens us to live obediently even when our struggles seem to overwhelm us. That is why it is so important to open up the Bible when we feel discouraged and feel we don't have the strength to continue.

Recently I preached here in the Bursa church ( from Isaiah 50. Note that specifically the Lord Jesus (the Messiah) knows just the word to sustain those who are weary. see Isaiah 50:4

Bible inspiration

Psalm 119: 25-32, Isaiah 50: 4, Matthew 11: 28-30
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Walking the way of word of the God who saves is the longing and passion of the Christian believer. Yet life is hard, we struggle with sin and there are those who oppose. "119" explores the longest Psalm, Psalm 119, and seeks to help us get its various themes into our heart that our love for the Lord Jesus might grow and we might be more and more faithful to Him.

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Published: 23rd March 2011
Songs from a broken heart