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gimel: Stranger of this Earth

Do good to me and I will live,
And I'll obey Your word.
Open my eyes that I might see
Wonders in Your law.
Help me to live for You each day
Within this hostile world,
Put in my heart a greater longing
To see Your glorious Kingdom come!

I'm hungry for Your word,
Longing for Your Kingdom to come,
And though the road is hard!
Help me obey with all my heart
Keep Your word my delight,
As a stranger on this earth!

I look around and see a world
So very far from You
Those destined for eternity
To live under Your wrath
And when those lost rise up against
Your anointed Son
Help me to fix my thoughts on Him
And learn to bear his cross

gimel: Stranger of this Earth

As we walk the way of the word of the God who saved us we struggle with what is within our own hearts as we seek to live obediently. At the same time we find ourselves living in a hostile world in which there are those who will often oppose us and the God who saved us. The Christian however looks to God in these situations and longs for Him to deal with those who are ultimately against the Lord Jesus. We long for the Kingdom to come. Our job is to live by grace in obedience to the Word and take up our cross and follow the One who also walked a road of suffering.

Bible inspiration

Psalm 119: 17-24, Psalm 2, Luke 9: 23-27
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Walking the way of word of the God who saves is the longing and passion of the Christian believer. Yet life is hard, we struggle with sin and there are those who oppose. "119" explores the longest Psalm, Psalm 119, and seeks to help us get its various themes into our heart that our love for the Lord Jesus might grow and we might be more and more faithful to Him.

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Published: 2nd March 2011
Songs from a broken heart