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teth: Good for me that suffering came

1. Can it be from this valley dark
That a song of praise be on my lips?
When suffering comes can it be right
To praise the One who allowed this pain?

2. Without affliction well I know
I used to love ungodly ways
But now in love You've broken me
So I might love to love Your ways

Chorus: Good You do, because good You are
And good for me that suffering came!
Because I've become more like Christ
And learned to walk His precious ways

3. Delighted by Your precious word,
Teaching me the way I should live.
Had it not been for suffering
A greater sinner I would be!

teth: Good for me that suffering came

We can be tempted to think that suffering should just not happen to us, especially if we claim to be loved by the Creator of the Universe. We think that suffering is contradictory to there being a loving God who is totally good and all powerful. The writer of Psalm 119 disagrees. He sees that suffering has brought spiritual blessing into his life: "Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I obey your word" (v67 see also v71). He concludes that it is the very fact that God is good that suffering should play a part in his life. "You are good, and what you do is good". God is good, and he is making us more like Christ even though allowing suffering in our lives.

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Walking the way of word of the God who saves is the longing and passion of the Christian believer. Yet life is hard, we struggle with sin and there are those who oppose. "119" explores the longest Psalm, Psalm 119, and seeks to help us get its various themes into our heart that our love for the Lord Jesus might grow and we might be more and more faithful to Him.

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Published: 17th October 2012
Songs from a broken heart