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Psalm 79: God the nations have invaded

God, the nations have invaded,
Trampling on your promised land;
They defiled your holy temple,
Zion's stones no longer stand.
The dead bodies of your servants
They have giv'n to flying fowl;
Flesh from your own holy people
To be food for beasts that prowl.

See, their blood they pour like water
All around Jerusalem;
And the dead are left uncovered:
There is none to bury them.
By our neighbours we are taunted,
Mocked and scorned by all around.
Lord, how long will you be angry,
Burning with your jealous flame?

Pour your wrath upon the nations,
That do not accept your name;
May it come upon the kingdoms
Who will not invoke the same.
For they have ingested Jacob,
And laid waste his dwelling place.
Lord remember not our past sins,
May your mercy come apace.

God our Saviour come to help us,
For the glory of your name.
Set us free, and make atonement,
That your name you might maintain.
Why allow the nations' question:
'Where, O where, has their God gone?'
O avenge your servants' shed blood,
In the sight of everyone.

5. May the prisoners' groans come to you!
Use the greatness of your power
To preserve those doomed to perish -
Keep them till their final hour.
May you cast back on our neighbours
Seven times that which they threw
Then succeeding generations
Of your flock will sing of you!

words based on Psalm 79 by Garry Williams 2008

Psalm 79: God the nations have invaded

The Psalms are said to be the hymn book of the church. But is it possible to sing some of the difficult Psalms? A friend asked me to record a metered version on Psalm 79 to the music of "Oh the deep deep love of Jesus" and this is the result. Words by Garry Williams...

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Psalm 79
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