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Thank you for the cross

Lord, thank You for Your precious cross
Your wrath so fierce met love so bold
When there You died to reconcile
Lost sinners to the holy God
Lord, thank you for Your gracious cross
Where all my sin forgiven is
The anger of an angry God
Is satisfied and I go free

Lord, thank You for Your awesome cross
Stands empty now as You arose
One act of love brings life and grace
To all who call upon Your name
Lord, thank You for Your wondrous cross
Where pain and death gave birth to life
And is the place where those once lost
Salvation found yet earned it not

Lord, thank You for Your bloody cross
The bitter sweet act of Your love
Where nations come and peoples feast
From every shore and every tongue

Thank you for Your cross.

Thank you for the cross

A song I wrote for Easter this year.One evening I was thinking how amazing it was the Jesus should come to this earth and die on the cross for sinners like me. The following song was the result! For chords and lyrics, visit Follow me on

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Thank you for the cross

A collection of songs that explore aspects of the Christian life.

Published: 30th April 2009
Songs from a broken heart