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When the time comes

When the time comes to say goodbye
To leave this world to be with Christ
I know it'll be better than hear by far
But there are times when I admit that it gets hard
To keep fears from clouding out
Your glorious promises which I know are mine
But my trust is in you; I am Your child
And I'm saved by grace not by own trying

So I need not fear on that day
For your love for me will not fail

Jesus take the credit from my life
As my Lord and creator, You're the One who deserves it
And You came to earth and gave Your life
To save me from the guilt and power of sin in my life
And You rose again, ascended on high
Now you sit at Your Father's right hand
So I know you are able and I know you are willing
To bring me home to my heavenly dwelling

So I need not fear on that day
For your power in me will not fail

When the time comes

I've always thought about death alot. My own father died while I was in my childhood and so I grew up thinking that death could be just round the corner.

The wonderful thing about being a Christian, is that death is no longer someting that is feared. It will happen to all of us one day, that is for certain. For the Christian, that day will be the start of something very wonderful

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Songs from a broken heart

Songs from a broken heart are songs that I've written and I want to share with you. They are contemporary Christian songs that seek to communicate the heart of being a Christian - sorrow for sin, repentance, a love for the Lord Jesus and a deep desire to live for Him in every area of life.

I wrote most of these songs when I was living out in Turkey for a while. Returning to the UK in 2001 I got together with a few friends from Enfield Evangelical Free Church, the church where I became a Christian in 1994, to develop them further. This group included: Dave Brady, Dan and Rachel Went, Tom Reeves, Richard Maclannan and Neil Arrowsmith.

It was on my heart to be able to share these songs with others and so wanted to record them. I finally got round to recording in prestigious venues such as our front room in Enfield and the old EEFC church vestry! Those involved in recording on the CD were, Neil Arrowsmith (Guitars), Dave Brady (Drums and Percussion), Dan Went (Drums), Richard Maclannan (Keyboards/Piano), Andy Downe (Piano) and Jonty Allcock (Sax). I sung main vocals, played guitar and bass. My sister, Louise Mott, also sung main vocals on god of grace, as well as backing vocals on most tracks with a little help from my wife Tamsyn.

Published: 30th August 2003
Songs from a broken heart